Handicraft in Rajasthan

Rajasthani crafts

The most fabulous state in India not only offers breathtaking tourist attraction but is also famous for its shopping activities. Popularly called the 'Treasure trove of Indian handicrafts', the state offers perfect shopping opportunity. The handicrafts and arts of the land are marked with an exuberance of color and culture and are held in high regard all over the world. Besides foreign revenue, these crafts pieces have earned state and the country immense esteem and admiration.

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Rajasthan produces some exquisite Textiles in lovely colorful fabrics. Bandhani or Bandhej are two such gorgeous forms that portray the rich culture of RajasthanThere is tie and dye work from Jodhpur, the distinctive native hand-block fabrics of Sanganer and Bagru villages around Jaipur and the 'lehariya' prints from the villages around Udaipur.Comtemporary designs and perfectness of the finish of the Rajasthan product has become more lucrative to the buyers.


In Jewelry, meenakari is one of the most attractive and popular forms, which are mostly enameled gold and silver jewellery. The tradition of 'Minakari' and 'Kundan' work in gold reached an all time high in enamel jewellery centres like Bikaner,Ravishing designs of ornate Rajasthan decoratives truly complements the home decor and eyes of the viewers.Minakari jewelry is very famous here. Jaipur the princely city of this state is famous for precious and semi-precious stones

Carpets & Durries:

Most of these carpets, which come in stunning designs, are made and knotted by hands. In addition, the cotton durries of Jodhpur and Jaipur are also appealing.You can also buy colorful and durable carpets and durries which are available here in various designs and sizes. The woolen carpets of Jaipur, Tonk and Bikaner are very famous.

Rajasthani Quilts:

In the list of innumerable Rajasthani crafts, the Rajasthani Quilts also proudly features. You can get a lot of them in Jaipur. The place in Rajasthan most famous for quilts is Jaipur. The specialty of these quilts is that they are of high quality and are as light and soft as a feather. They are available in a number of varieties like cotton block printed, velvet printed, etc.

Mojaris or Jutis:

Leather items like Mojaris or Jutis from Rajasthan is a craft form that is extremely popular across the country as well as around the world. Mojris/Jutis are Rajasthani footwear made up of leather and having exquisite embroidery. The pattern and design of embroidery varies from region to region. However jaipur and Jodhpur are the places most famous for mojris.

Rajasthani Paintings:

Rajasthan and Rajasthan Paintings including murals, frescoes and miniature paintings are also other popular crafts of the state. The 'pichwai' was a cloth hanging or backdrop to the deity Krishna, painted in bold colours. 'Phads' or scroll paintings relate the tales of the Bhopa folk hero Pabuji. Comtemporary designs and perfectness of the finish of the Rajasthan product has become more lucrative to the buyers.

Blue Pottery Craft:

Blue pottery makes use of quartz, along with sodium sulphate, multani mitti (clay) and raw glaze. It is a Persian art form, first introduced in the state by Maharaja Ram Singh. The most known place for blue pottery in Rajasthan is Jaipur. Pottery

tradition of Jaipur is translated into its various hues of blue pottery which is made from crushed quartz. The mention of Rajasthan handicrafts is incomplete without the mention of blue pottery. It originated in Persia and it is different because of the colors and raw materials used in it

Ivory Bangles:

Ivory bangles of Rajasthan and Rajasthan Paintings including murals, frescoes and miniature paintings are also other popular crafts of the state.The hard, smooth, yellowish-white substance forming the teeth and tusks of certainanimals, such as the tusks of elephants and walruses and the teeth of certain whales.Ivory is composed of dentin. A hard white substance that is a variety of dentin, ivory makes up the tusks of such animals as elephants, walruses, and preserved mammoths.

Wooden Furniture:

Rajasthani wooden furniture is something that you cannot leave when discussion Rajasthani handicrafts.

Rajasthan is not only known for its desert but wood work also. The existence of jungles in some parts of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Banswara, Kota, and Udaipur have opened plenty of opportunities. We are flexible enough to offer the finest and best in class Teak Wood Furniture; we are a leading Supplier in this domain.

Wooden crafted tables are made using best quality wood sourced from the reliable vendors of the industry.

Best Season: October - February
Popular Location: Ajmer, Jodhpur, Alwar