Sand & Dunes In Rajasthan


Khuri sand dunes are slowly picking up in the must visit charts of tourists. If you find Sam sand dunes a bit crowded then you can very well opt for Khuri sand dunes. Situated just 40 K.M. off the town, Khuri is a must visit for tourists seeking solitude in the desert. It is a peaceful place with houses of mud and straw decorated like the patterns of Persian carpets.

Camel Safari in Jaisalmer Belt: The camel safari in the Golden Sand dunes starts from Jaisalmer to Bada Bagh then Baisakhi and Roopsi crossing Ludravra, Damodara, Moolsagar and finally ends at Jaisalmer after visiting Duzasar.


Broken beer bottles, empty mineral water bottles, plastic wrappers and all sorts of environmentally hazardous items are not only being left behind by the tourists but, more shockingly, buried under the sand by the camp operators.

Best visit time:

In Summer : March to June ( 38 °C - 49°C)
In Monsoon : July to September ( 26 °C - 33°C )
In Winters : October to February ( 20 °C - 28 °C )
Location: In the outskirts of Jaisalmer, 42 K.M. from the main town.
How to reach: Jeep or any other 4 wheel drive SUV or Camel back according to your convenience
Famous for: Sand, sands and only sands


Osian Sand Dunes Resort Camps are located in the heart of the Thar desert near the ancient and picturesque desert town of the Osian on the Jodhpur - Jaisalmer Highway.

This ancient village of Osian is the gateway into the merciless thar desert and is legendary for it's mesmerizing 6th / 8th century temples, sand-dunes and diversity of Rajasthani culture and tradition.


Best visit time:
October to March

In Summer : March to June ( 25 °C - 42°C)
In Monsoon : July to September ( 23 °C - 39°C )
In Winters : October to February ( 10 °C - 24 °C )
How to reach:
By Air :Jodhpur has its own domestic airport, just 5 km from the city center.
By Road :Road condition of Jodhpur Highway is quite good and therefore buses can be availed in this route.
By Rail :Jodhpur owns one of the major railheads in the North-Western zone of Indian railway.

Thar Desert (Sam Village, Khuri Village, Ludharwa, Kanoi, Kuldhara)

Undoubtedly Rajasthan is globally famous for its magnificent monuments, forts, palaces and rich culture and tradition. But it is also known for majestic sand dunes on vast expanses of Great Indian Desert called Thar Desert. Rippling sand dunes are one of the most unique features of Rajasthan travel and tours. Travellers from all over The barrenness of the region transfers the emotions of the human mind to the region, which can at once be the most incredibly beautiful, romantic, thrilling, eerie, treacherous or just plainly inhospitable. Sunsets in the sand dunes are divine and marks the time to get lost in the various cultural programmes organized for the tourists, which provide you with an opportunity to glimpse into the rich culture of the land.


You a memorable experience in the land of the Rajputs. Enjoy the ride on camel back and let the place itself take you to its mesmerizing heights. Get closer to the local way of living with a close view of thatched straw roofs, camels, narrow streets and the local bazaar. At the night, organize a campfire with the fellow tourists (if any) and listen to the songs of 'Kalbeliyas'.

Best visit time:

In Summer : March to June ( 32 °C - 46°C)
In Monsoon : July to September ( 26 °C - 43°C )
In Winters : October to February ( 05 °C - 28 °C )
How to reach:
By Air : Delhi by to Jaipur.
By Road : Khuri can be easily reached by road as well. There are well-maintained roads linking it to tourism destinations like Delhi, Sariska, Bharatpur, Deeg and Jaipur.
By Rail : A best option is to travel by Shatabdi Express.

Best Season: October - February
Popular Location: Ajmer, Jodhpur, Alwar