Privacy Policy

A Rajasthan tour to India is committed on maintaining of personal privacy information and provides us to using the Rajasthan tours to India visit on website. This privacy policy defines how Rajasthan tours treat personal information gain Rajasthan make content or provide services.

A Rajasthan tours in India understands to important for you and wants your experience. Dealing with to be as safe and possible. These policies define who Rajasthan tours to India visit on website.

  1. Rajasthan tours to India safeguard, according to standard security and confidentiality and any information our customers take with us.
  2. Rajasthan tours to India minimum the collection and use of customer information to the limit we require journey best service to our customers, which include advising our customer about products, services and opportunities, managing our business.

"Rajasthan tours to India will allow only special employees, who are new in the manage handling of customer information."