When to visit Rajasthan

In Winter – October to March

Winter is the best time to visit Rajasthan as this when the temperature is at its lowest level. During the day, the weather is bearable to go for sightseeing and nights are relatively cool.

Temprature & Rainfall around the year

  1. 55F - 85F (in Fahrenheit)
  2. 13°C - 30°C (in celsius)
  3. 3MM - 8MM (rain measument in mm.)

In Summer – April to June

Summers are hot and harsh. If your planning your trip during this part of the year you must pack cotton clothes and also keep your self-hydrated while on outdoor activities.

Temprature & Rainfall around the year

  1. 75F - 105F (in Fahrenheit)
  2. 24°C - 45°C (in celsius)
  3. 11MM - 30MM (rain measument in mm.)

In Monsoon- July to September

Monsoons are quite humid but rains can be enjoyable anytime. This bring some greenery to arid lands of Rajasthan. Tourist can enjoy Bird watching which include some famous migratory birds. Rajasthan wildlife is at its best in monsoon.

Temprature & Rainfall around the year

  1. 70F - 95F (in Fahrenheit)
  2. 21°C - 35°C (in celsius)
  3. 100MM - 165MM (rain measument in mm.)

Best Season: October - February
Popular Location: Ajmer, Jodhpur, Alwar