About khejarla

Fort Khejarla was constructed in early 1611 A.D. for Maharajah Gopal Das Ji, who was granted ‘Jagirs’ (fiefdoms) of Khejarla and nearby villages for his great achievement in war against the Mughals, in honour of his service to the Maharaja of Jodhpur. The Mughal army rolled in to attack the Fort three times. Each time the Fort was destroyed, it was rebuilt.

Khejarla was then one of the most important and flourishing Jagirs of Marwar with 9 Estate Managers, 400 servants, 125 horses, 15 camels, and huge area of land for cultivation. Nobles here enjoyed the highest status amongst the most trusted in the Court of Marwar.


Fort Khejarla Khejarla :

The Fort Is Divided Into Four Sections :

Entrance : The Main Pol or archway gate to the flamboyant Fort was used as a public place with the court, jail, courtyards, and parking lots for bullock carts and horse carriages. The Suraj Pol then leads into the Fort. To respect the Rajput heritage, separate residential suites were built for Male and Female Royal Family Members, both with separa

Zenana Mahal (South Block) : Following the arched gate, we enter the Zenana Mahal – the lounge for the Royal Ladies of the house. It has two floors with 19 rooms, suites, courtyard, and terrace with a breathtaking view of all sights.

Mardana Mahal (West Block) : Meant for the Royal Male Members of the house – this building consists of 21 rooms, suites of various sizes and aesthetically done décor. The Block has been completely renovated with best of period furniture and most modern amenities. A dining hall, bar, an open garden with fountains are located in this block.

Main Courtyard (East Block): This block has the main Reception, Swimming Pool, Gym, Spa, and Shopping Area.


In Summer : March to June 18 °C - 40 °C

In Monsoon : July to September 27 °C - 36 °C

In Winters : October to February 12 °C - 20 °C


By Air :Nearest airport to Khejarla is Jodhpur which is only 85kms away from Fort Khejarla.

By Road :Khejarla can be reached by road from Jodhpur. It has easy accessibility by road from all other major tourist cities of Rajasthan.

By Rail :Jodhpur is the nearest railway station to visit Khejarla.

Best Season: October - February
Tourist Attractions Cenotaph Visit, Bala Sati Ji Temple, etc.